About Simplyy Sandyy

Simplyy Sandyy Beautyy Founder, Sandy Forest's passion have always been in the beauty industry. Attending Paul Mitchell The School to become a certified cosmetologist, During her time there, she achieved many accomplishments! Sandy became a Phase Two stylist and attended Caper 2018. In addition, she was chosen as 1 of the top 150 makeup artists/stylists in the world and invited to attend Beacon/NAHA 2018. Most of all, she was able to help others not only see their true beauty, but become confident as well. Today, she considers that her biggest accomplishment in the beauty industry.

Soon after graduating from Paul Mitchell, Sandy launched Simplyy Sandyy Beautyy. She created her line of makeup and lashes continues to strive to provide high quality products at affordable and fair prices! Above all, Sandy strives to build confidence from the inside out and enhance one’s natural beauty.

"Keeping customers as our top priority, we strive to offer products that will benefit EVERY individual of ALL shades! Our mission is to leave each person that comes in contact with our brand motivated, confident, and inspired! Each day, we are committed to helping YOU see your true beauty. You will love the enhancing nature of our amazing, affordable products! You too can be Effortlessly Elegant, without emptying the bank. After all, great makeup is addicting!"

To sum up, Simplyy Sandyy Beautyy is a cosmetic and makeup brand dedicated to creating products you love and can afford. Shop our amazing pressed glitter and lashes today! Subscribe to our mailing list, and follow us on social media so that you can be the first to know when we launch new products online.

Above all, feel beautiful and strong–inside and out! At Simplyy Sandyy Beautyy, we strive for confidence, self-love, and empowerment!